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Retirees use pre-living trusts to appreciate wealth and inherit wealth

You have accumulated wealth for a lifetime. How can you enjoy your wealth after retirement, enjoy your retirement life, and pass it on to your children and grandchildren?
Many Malaysians after the age of 50 will only deposit what they earn in the bank FD or EPF, and never squander it, but nothing more. I don’t know that cash can be established in a lifetime trust for management, appreciation, and inheritance so that one’s old life will be more economically secure, and to a certain extent, children’s financial pressure can be reduced.

In this online sharing session specially for retirees, Timeless Investment Management Co., Ltd. tells you
【5 tools】 Let retirees have real financial confidence!
【Extend your pension】 In today’s uncertain period!
【Living Trust】Appreciate wealth, protect assets, effectively distribute and inherit wealth!
【Key lesson】The story of a wealthy retiree who turned into a poor dad!
【Create multi-generational millionaires】Wealth with limited leverage is passed on to the next generation!

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