Why is private investment in infrastructure important?

Post Date Providing and upgrading infrastructure is always one of the essential tasks of government around the world. As we all know, high-quality infrastructure has tremendous short-term and long-term benefits. Short-term benefits can, directly and indirectly, enhance employment for the construction and engineering industry. Over the long term, high levels of public services like schools, Continue Reading

Timeless Explorer Jun Edition

Post Date Our second edition of Timeless Explorer is now out. In this edition, we talk about trends from different parts of the world, a review of the financial market, and our view on the economic bubble. After a year-long pandemic in 2020, the global economy started to see the silver lining with the vaccine Continue Reading

Characteristics of offshore trust

Post Date Offshore trust, also known as foreign or overseas trust, is a relative concept. It generally refers to a trust established overseas or offshore that the legally effective arrangement allows the settlor to legally transfer the rights of assets to the trustee.   Compared with domestic trusts, offshore trust has the following differences: 1. Continue Reading

Testamentary Trust

Post Date It is really common to see in real life that no matter rich or poor people, they contend for family property. Some of them even go to court for fighting who is the winner. In fact, when wealth allocation planning is done well in advance, many disputes could have been avoided. Testamentary trust Continue Reading

Cayman Islands Trusts

Post Date 1. Overview of Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory in the Western Caribbean Islands of America where the political and economic environment is relatively stable. Relying on the UK's mature economic system,market environment, sturdy and flexible tax system and judicial system in the Cayman Islands, as well as perfect Continue Reading

The Meaning of Family Trust

Post Date Family trust means that the trustee accepts individual or family entrustment, and manages the trust property in accordance with the trust agreement, with the protection, inheritance and management of family wealth as the main trust purpose, providing property planning, risk isolation, asset allocation, child education, and family governance , charity undertakings and other Continue Reading

2021 USD Forecast Report

Post Date The U.S. dollar has always been a currency that many people value, but with the quantitative tightening policy and the lower interest rates, the value of the U.S. dollar has also decreased. Therefore, many people have doubts about the dominance of the US dollar. 2021 USD Trend Analysis Page 5 However, in this Continue Reading

Timeless Explorer Mar Edition

Post Date Summary on international & investment trend is proven to be helpful to our clients, and we are launching the bimonthly journal to recap and analyze different topics and trends. In this "Timeless Bimonthly Journal", we will talk about our expert's view on Bear Market, Crypto Currencies and Global Trends. P.4 on Timeless Bimonthly Continue Reading