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We are honored to announce:


The skin care brand Luxe Young, under the Timeless group was selected from more than 1,000 skin care brands in the Taiwan TV show Queen’s competition. Its facial cleanser, lotions and gel masque are all ranked in the top three and successfully entered the third round of finals. Congratulations!


Luxe Young is a skin care brand born in the United Kingdom. It has opened up the Asian market under the global epidemic and launched BFL ultra hydration skincare set, including gentle cleaning face wash, 24K gold soothing facial toner, anti-aging recovery serum, hydro aqua multitask lotion and glow& tone ultra gel masque which all round help women to create perfect healthy skin. These products all use BFL known as the “golden ingredient” of beauty. The main effect on the skin is to increase skin vitality and strengthen the skin tissue structure. It also has powerful antioxidant properties that can help the skin prevent future aging and improve the existing aging phenomenon.


In fact, Luxe Young’s products are most different from those on the market in the way that they use a lot of scientific research. Since 2015, it has cooperated with the British Anti-aging Research Center, and has hired biomedical experts as team consultants to study skin science through cutting-edge technology.  That is the reason why Luxe Young is at the leading level in the world regarding to the skin color research of Asian races, skin reconstruction, Asian skin aging Atlas, etc.


The success achieved this time is indeed a recognition of Luxe Young products. Thank you for your support! Luxe Young will continue to provide the best products with an attitude of excellence.