We believe

in education, and its importance in families.

With our experienced team coming from different aspects of financial expertise, Internation Chinese Inheritance Academy (ICIA) is formed to establish a full range of services covering analysis, education, consultancy services. We provide professional information and guidance to families with the objective to ensure that their family enterprises and legacies are successfully passing on.

ICIA aims to preserve family achievement and make persistence planning. Our services include: to strengthen family values, prolong the sustainability of family business and legacies, protect family knowledge and know-how, the management of family wealth, as well as leadership succession planning and implementation. With our all-rounded approach, ICIA is in the leading place on intergenerational.

education its


  • Research the long-term development of your business cross-generation, and understand the competition in Asia and in the global market.
  • Enhancing the communication and engagement within family offices
  • Providing resources, education and consultation services for family offices in the region.
  • Encouraging all family members to become involved in the goal of developing and preserving family legacy through the instrument of family office.


We are

delighted to introduce you all about a new course from America Family Inheritance Planner Association (AFIP):

Certified Family Wealth Inheritance Planner

AFIP aims to provide worldwide corporates, families and high-net-worth individuals professional training and certified courses. They provide professional advisory and courses on the role of family wealth inheritance planner, family offices, trusts, asset management in different financial cities around the world such as Hong Kong, Singapore, BVI, United Kingdom and United States.

In this course, you can further deepen your knowledge of the following.


The future trends of family heritage

  • Understand how to use financial tools to achieve the purpose of wealth inheritance.
  • Comprehensively understand the importance of family heritage
  • Family office
  • Trust application and regulations
  • Use of financial instrumentsFamily office


The role of modern finance and financial heritage

  •  Use financial instruments to achieve optimal asset allocation
  • Basic classification of global law
  • Where to go for family offices and global asset allocation


Analysis and dismantling of global wealth inheritance tools

  • Insurance, Wills and Trusts
  • Financial inheritance tools; insurance and its functions
  • Combination of finance and legal inheritance tools; trusts and their functions
  • The history, structure, function and advantages of trust


Case study, sharing and exchange

  • Family heritage
  • Asset Management
  • Risk isolation