We have

a team of professionals and they are experienced

to make an extensive diagnosis of the company’s subject qualification, independence, standardized operation, finance and accounting, environmental protection, etc. And make equity investments on companies & SMEs depending on our accurate grasp of the laws and regulations.

Perform comprehensive analysis for your business, whether it is business operations, accounting and financial conditions. Provide feasible and effective corporate architecture recommendations. Based on our professional analysis and market conditions, we not only introduce strategic investment institutions or investors to invest in company shares before listing, but also use our strong customer base to design and match new business and investment opportunities. Invest in potential development potential quasi-listed companies to cover listing costs and support the company’s expansion and development.

he most successful case is to assist a number of domestic companies to list on the Nasdaq Main Board in the United States, with a total financing amount of US $ 26,800,000; and to assist companies in Hong Kong engaged in trading artworks to transfer to the New York Stock Exchange Main Board ; And assist domestic companies to Hong Kong from GEM to the main board.