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【Remote seminar】 Should we live in the present, or should we plan?

Post Date Should we live in the present, or should we plan? Many people face this unexpected challenge and predicament because "there is a road before the car reaches the mountain." Sadly, they are unemployed after the complete lockdown. Especially after the epidemic outbreak, the economy was hit, and 81% of small and medium-sized enterprises Continue Reading

Inheritance Explorer Jul 2021 No.2

Post Date Inheritance Explorer Jul 2021 No.2 The second issue of Inheritance Explorer was presented by ICIA. Our experts at Timeless Internation Family Office, along with educators from ICIA, are discussing financial trends around the globe. Reports showed the post-pandemic “retaliatory consumption” has gone down, what does it all means for countries exporting goods to Continue Reading

【Remote seminar】 Five things you must know about “Trust and Inheritance Planning.”

Post Date Five things you must know about "Trust and Inheritance Planning." Experts will discuss the following lecture topics: For inheritance planning, is it enough to have a will? How to set up a trust to avoid the hassle of applying for an estate management certificate? What is the concept of wealth creation? What is Continue Reading

【Remote seminar】 What to expect when the HK government is pushing family office?

Post Date What to expect when the HK government is pushing family office? Family Office is the ultimate means to manage one's wealth. It has been so for centuries, especially in western countries. Until recent years, this looked more and more appealing to the entrepreneurs in Asia. What can we expect when one of the Continue Reading

Under common law, trust, and inheritance

Post Date Under common law, trust, and inheritance Still worried about how to give wealth to the next generation? What is the best way? Maybe you can find the answer after the lecture This lecture introduces the concept and system of trust law in common law and discusses the operation and advantages and disadvantages of Continue Reading

How should we start again after the epidemic?

Post Date How should we start again after the epidemic? The epidemic has lasted for nearly two years and has changed many living habits and economic activities. After the emergence of the vaccine, I believe that soon we will relive the previous life. So after the epidemic, how should we immediately deploy investment plans and Continue Reading

【Remote seminar】 Have you heard of the FIRE movement?

Post Date Have you heard of the FIRE movement? Experts will discuss how to achieve financial independence, early retirement, and the following lecture topics: What is FIRE? How to achieve FIRE? How much does it cost to achieve financial freedom? FIRE is action, not imagination FIRE example story Organizer Timeless International Family Office

Timeless in-depth topic-new silver hair economy

Post Date In this in-depth topic, we first discuss the current aging phenomenon in Asia and Taiwan. Thus, pointed out that the needs of these silver-haired persons begin more and more, and perhaps for some industries is another business opportunity. Governments of various countries also encourage different industries to actively prepare to seize this market. Continue Reading

Why is private investment in infrastructure important?

Post Date Providing and upgrading infrastructure is always one of the essential tasks of government around the world. As we all know, high-quality infrastructure has tremendous short-term and long-term benefits. Short-term benefits can, directly and indirectly, enhance employment for the construction and engineering industry. Over the long term, high levels of public services like schools, Continue Reading

Congratulations to Luxe Young for successfully reaching the finals

Post Date We are honored to announce:   The skin care brand Luxe Young, under the Timeless group was selected from more than 1,000 skin care brands in the Taiwan TV show Queen’s competition. Its facial cleanser, lotions and gel masque are all ranked in the top three and successfully entered the third round of Continue Reading

Timeless Global Trending News

Post Date In this weekly journal, timeless international discusses different key international news in the world. Including USA Federal Reserve is about to taper asset purchasing, the rise of Chinese RMB is slowing down, etc. If you want to learn more, please download the full version to take a closer look.      

【Remote Seminar】All industries are depressed by the global pandemic storm

Post Date The epidemic continues to ravage the world How can companies protect themselves under this situation? 【This seminar】 1. Clarify the relationship between corporate inheritance, wealth inheritance and family inheritance 2. The new issue of family business-wealth preservation and cognition problems 3. Wealth preservation: art collection and wealth inheritance    

【Remote Seminar】 Educational Trust- prepare the future for your children

Post Date It is the wish of many parents to hope their children will have a bright future, especially in this new generation with intense competition. Therefore, parents should plan for the future for their children as soon as possible, and education is undoubtedly the most important part.   In this seminar, we will discuss Continue Reading

Timeless Explorer Jun Edition

Post Date Our second edition of Timeless Explorer is now out. In this edition, we talk about trends from different parts of the world, a review of the financial market, and our view on the economic bubble. After a year-long pandemic in 2020, the global economy started to see the silver lining with the vaccine Continue Reading

Trust and Inheritance Planning- Six things you must learn

Post Date <Trust and Inheritance Planning> Six things you must learn   What is an insurance trust? How to create new wealth? How to plan the education for the next generation through educational trust? Inheritance only depends on the wills? Why are trusts loved by the rich? How to avoid tax by trust?   Speaker: Continue Reading

【Remote Seminar】How to deploy an investment plan in a low interest rate environment?

Post Date In response to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, many central banks have the low interest rate policy , and thus the time deposit rate is much more lower than before . Whether a listed company pays dividends or not, depends mainly on its performance. Many countries have implemented suspension of work Continue Reading

Characteristics of offshore trust

Post Date Offshore trust, also known as foreign or overseas trust, is a relative concept. It generally refers to a trust established overseas or offshore that the legally effective arrangement allows the settlor to legally transfer the rights of assets to the trustee.   Compared with domestic trusts, offshore trust has the following differences: 1. Continue Reading

【Remote seminar】New social economy with aging population

Post Date It's the end that children are raised to provide support in one's old age The seminar will discuss that society is facing an aging population and declining birthrates, which makes the old concept of raising children to provide support in one's old age becoming more and more out of date. Seminar content: What Continue Reading

【Remote seminar】Wealth inheritance of the rich in the West is well thought out

Post Date “Wealth inheritance of the rich in the West is well thought out” The last lecture discussed why Chinese rich cannot be lasted for three generations.This time we will focus on the wealth inheritance methods of some celebrities in the West, and see what enlightenments you can get from it. ●The legendary rock singer Continue Reading

Testamentary Trust

Post Date It is really common to see in real life that no matter rich or poor people, they contend for family property. Some of them even go to court for fighting who is the winner. In fact, when wealth allocation planning is done well in advance, many disputes could have been avoided. Testamentary trust Continue Reading

Immovable Property Inheritance

Post Date Immovable property inheritance Explain the integrated house and land sales tax 2.0 Impacts on the future housing market Earlier, we explained the impact of integrated house and land sales tax 2.0 on the future housing market. This time we will focus on the role of real estate in the inheritance of family wealth Continue Reading

Cayman Islands Trusts

Post Date 1. Overview of Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory in the Western Caribbean Islands of America where the political and economic environment is relatively stable. Relying on the UK's mature economic system,market environment, sturdy and flexible tax system and judicial system in the Cayman Islands, as well as perfect Continue Reading

The Meaning of Family Trust

Post Date Family trust means that the trustee accepts individual or family entrustment, and manages the trust property in accordance with the trust agreement, with the protection, inheritance and management of family wealth as the main trust purpose, providing property planning, risk isolation, asset allocation, child education, and family governance , charity undertakings and other Continue Reading

[Taipei Lecture] Using trust to start a different life

Post Date How do elderlies enjoy a high-quality retirement life? About the aging society Internationally, the ratio of the population over 65 to the total population is classified as 7%—aging society 14%— the elderly society 20%— Super-aged society It shows that we are facing a serious population aging problem, so we can no longer look Continue Reading

Is the real estate nuclear bomb coming?

Post Date Explain the integrated house and land sales tax 2.0 Impacts on the future housing market The seminar explain the details about the impact of the integrated house and land sales tax 2.0 introduced later in Taiwan. In-depth analysis of four major issues by practicing accountants: -Why pre-sales have the greatest impact? -How to Continue Reading

2021 USD Forecast Report

Post Date The U.S. dollar has always been a currency that many people value, but with the quantitative tightening policy and the lower interest rates, the value of the U.S. dollar has also decreased. Therefore, many people have doubts about the dominance of the US dollar. 2021 USD Trend Analysis Page 5 However, in this Continue Reading

[Taipei] Revealing the veil of the family office

Post Date The family office has popular in European and American countries and also blossomed in the Chinese world in recent years. The main purpose of "Family Office" is to tailor wealth needs for high-net-worth individuals/families. It provides one-stop service from wealth management strategy to formulate inheritance plan and finally handing over to the next Continue Reading

Timeless Explorer Mar Edition

Post Date Summary on international & investment trend is proven to be helpful to our clients, and we are launching the bimonthly journal to recap and analyze different topics and trends. In this "Timeless Bimonthly Journal", we will talk about our expert's view on Bear Market, Crypto Currencies and Global Trends. P.4 on Timeless Bimonthly Continue Reading

Under the US dollar, how to appreciate the assets?

Post Date Under the US dollar, how to appreciate the assets?  Power transfer, policy change? As the White House changes hands, will the fiscal policy also change? How will the strong return of the U.S. dollar affect the stock market, foreign exchange market and bond market? In the seminar, we will share with you that Continue Reading

Looking back on 2020, Timeless Investment overcame tough times and emerged to expand the Family Office despite difficulties faced

Post Date The global start of 2020 is quite turbulent, trade frictions continue, globalization encounters a major crisis, and the global pandemic of the new crown epidemic has caused a cliff-like decline in the global economy. The depth of the economic crisis has surpassed the crisis SARS in 2003 and the financial tsunami in 2008. Continue Reading

Luxe Young shares the way to ride the wind and plough the waves

Post Date Under the raging epidemic, many companies have been hit hard and even faced the crisis of bankruptcy. But the British skin care brand Luxe Young went the other way, breaking into the Asian market during the crisis. What kind of thoughts does Luxe Young hold to step the way of wind and waves?

你的年輕,由 Luxe Young 守護 – Luxe Young 推出BFL御顏奇肌保濕五件

Post Date 御顏奇肌保濕五件的核心成份為BFL(Bifida Ferment Lysate),它被譽為美容的「黃金成分」,受諸多國際品牌青睞,蘭蔻小黑瓶、雅詩蘭黛小棕瓶、SKII神仙水都以它為亮點成分。BFL是經雙歧桿菌(細菌)培養、滅活及分解得到代謝產物、細胞質片段、細胞壁組分及多糖的複合體。對皮膚最主要的作用是增進肌膚活力、強化肌膚組織架構,也具有強大抗氧化特質,能幫助肌膚預防未來老化,同時也能改善既有老化現象。


Post Date 受到疫情影響,不斷延期的第一屆「國際移民及置業博覽」終於啟幕。天時投資的移民分部,終於可以在與大家會面! 屆時有多年經驗的移民專家一對一提供最貼心的服務,解答各種投資移民上的疑問。還等甚麼,立即來吧!

Timeless Journal Dec Edition

Post Date The very first Timeless Journal is brought to you by our experienced team, and we aim to continuously impress our clients and partners. In this edition, we will talk about the intensive trade war between US & China, HK's financial status, the rising global position of Taiwan during the pandemic. Also, new knowledge Continue Reading

Timeless Investment is practicing the true meaning of family wealth inheritance

Post Date According to the "Billionaire Report 2020" jointly released by UBS and PricewaterhouseCoopers, despite the impact of the epidemic, the wealth of global billionaires has not decreased, but has continued to grow, which proves that they all have their own unique ways of saving wealth. Timeless Investment Management Limited's Family Trust Service formulates wealth Continue Reading


Post Date 天時投資管理有限公司(「天時投資」)於6月4日以「如何在疫情衝擊下,做到資產保值與增值」為主題,面向社會大衆舉辦大型知識講座,分享對疫情衝擊下資產保值及增值的經驗與思考,該場講座吸引了200多人次參加,場內座無虛席,為了獲取最準確的投資方向,現場嘉賓無不昂首聆聽,大眾對經濟的擔憂可見一斑。 新冠疫情衝擊之下,世界經濟總體大幅下滑,經濟秩序也正在發生變化,社會各層面均感受到來自經濟方面的寒意,如何讓現有資產保值是一個不得不審視的問題。講座中分享了大量真實案例,以通俗易懂的方式介紹了英屬海外信託怎麼去滿足企業與私人需求,並以人類史上第一個億萬富翁洛克菲勒為例,探討其家族企業一百多年屹立不倒的奧秘 -- 家族信託。天時投資即將推出的「國際家族傳承規劃師」課程,會進一步探討如何配置增長佳、防守性強的資產組合,打造財富長線價值防護罩。 天時投資投資策略長Johnson Liao從國際政治及經濟形勢、國際供應鏈受影響、貿易冰封、原油大跌等方面詳細分析了上半年全球經濟環境,並講解了現今債市概況與投資組合及下半年展望。他在主題演講時表示:「疫情當前,每個人都應改變觀念,正視風險,勇敢面對,並選擇以避險與保值為主的投資方式。」 天時投資投資企業發展經理周士宸就「風險管理與策略」進行了分享,解析信託計畫的投資三大策略,和使持有人可享有低風險配置與較高的利潤的秘訣。 天時投資舉辦此次知識講座,是希望與社會各層面人士的接觸和互動,幫助個人甄選合適的財務規劃的金融工具,如信託、股票、債券、壽險和基金等,以做好整個家庭經濟生命週期的財富管理和傳承。在2020這樣一個危機之年,天時投資願與社會各界共同抓住其背後蘊藏的機遇,為後疫情時代「新常態」未雨綢繆,在未來諸多不確定的因素下將個人資產變得更加敏捷。